Fresh Herbs – 20/30g Retail Punnets


Blackdown Growers range of beautiful fresh produce now available in handy retail punnets!

Supplied un-washed for up to twice the lifetime, please ensure you wash our herb & salad products before use.

Supplied in punnets of 20/30g in weight, in multiples of 5 per type.


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Herbs don’t come any fresher than this folks!

Blackdown Growers location in the spa town of Leamington, means their crops are fed from water from the natural bore-holes around their sites.

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5x Basil, 5x Bay, 5x Chervil, 5x Chives, 5x Coriander, 5x Curley Parsley, 5x Flat Leaf Parsley, 5x Dill, 5x Marjoram, 5x Mint, 5x Oregano, 5x Rosemary, 5x Sage, 5x Sorrell, 5x Tarragon, 5x Thyme, 5x Lemon Thyme


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