Scrocchiarella Roman Sourdough – Classica


An incredible Roman Sourdough product, hand made over 30 hours with 80% hydration.

Pinsa/ pizza and Sandwich (sliced) formats

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We are very proud to have been chosen as distributors of these wonderful products from an ingenious Italian producer, which genuinely must be seen to be appreciated.

Scrocciarella takes more than 30 hours to produce, but just 10 minutes to prep and serve!

  • Hand made from an Italian mother sourdough which is over 120 years old
  • 80% hydration gives incredible pillowy texture
  • Stone baked and quick frozen using liquid Nitrogen to preserve all the moisture once cooked.
  • 13 months shelf life frozen
  •  Cooks in minutes in a 270 C oven

Additional information

Type & Pack Size

10x 38x30cm, 8x 55x25cm, 20x 28x12cm, 7x 31cm Round, 10x 12x52cm Sandwich, 20x 12x28cm Sandwich


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